People Screening

Our Agency offers various individual screening services such as identity verification, background checks, employment screening. The level of tracing and investigation required will depend upon our client’s needs.

Our aim is to provide our clients with important information regarding individuals who will be hired by their businesses or other businesses that they will partner with and protect them from detrimental publicity directly connected to their employees/partnerships’ personal conduct (personal scandals, corruption, bribery, or false credentials including educational degrees).

Identity Verification

Identity verification process can be accomplished via various methods, including the traditional face-to-face process, eKYC process.

As digital fraud attempts continue to rise globally, the importance of identity verification and the monitoring of your customers cannot be understated.

Background Checks

Via our service you can find undisclosed information about a potential collaboration, a specific company or business, or an individual.

A background check will investigate an individual's or company’s background (such as one’s/company’s criminal record, history of employment or education, and other past activities so that their validity can be confirmed) based on criteria determined from the required service.

Background checks can include but not be limited to employment background checks, criminal background checks, international background checks, personal background checks and professional licenses background checks.

Employment Screenings

Our agency investigates, analyses and cross-references all statements made in the Curriculum Vitae/Cover Letter/application form/character/general background of a candidate or a business and detects potential risks in proceeding with the hiring or partnering.

Employment screenings can include but not be limited to Job Applicant Pre-Employment Screening, Social Security Number Tracing, Skills or Personality Assessments, Employment Verification, Supervisor/Reference Interviews and Education Verification.

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