Investigative Due Diligence

Every business transaction and investment are inherently risky, but you can protect your company through adequate due diligence.

Working both covertly and overtly, our due diligence process helps you uncover important details that indicate how an individual or organization conducts business. We will look at specifics, including:

• Information regarding an individual’s or business’s reputation in the industry
• Records regarding the corporation’s history and documents, including but not restricted to owners, directors, financial statements, information relating to its registration
• Regulatory compliance assessment
• Intellectual and physical assets’ records
• KYC checks, including checking for Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), criminal activity, who may impose a potential risk to the business
• Civil and/or criminal legal proceedings
• Credit history records for immovable property
• Global and local media research on a substantial level, including tracking down and reviewing social media accounts or other online sources

Law Investigations

Our expertise gained through years of experience enables us to deal with complex cases in law enforcement, the criminal justice system, the practice of law, corporate problem-solving, financial and corporate investigations, government intelligence, fraud examining, investigative journalism and private investigations.

The information provided during a due diligence investigation aims to provide you with a complete picture of the organization so you can make a well-informed business decision.

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