Asset Tracing Investigation

Our investigators’ experience, training, and network in law enforcement, forensic accounting, corporate and private investigations have helped clients find and recover assets in significant cases of multiple jurisdictions.

The combination of investigative methods and business intelligence, as well as the use of uncommon methods of layers make us an effective and competent agency to utilize when discovering hidden, lost or converted assets to be fully and successfully recovered.

People Tracing Investigation

We help creditors, companies, banks, public bodies, solicitors, accountants and individuals to track down missing people and their assets.

Depending on the information you have and the level of service you require, we can usually find a person quickly and efficiently by using a range of resources that are not generally available to everyone.

Due to the network we have developed, we are able to locate beneficiaries who have moved away, find hidden beneficiaries, and verify the identity of relatives found.

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